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          Servo Energy-saving Injection Molding Machine

          Servo Energy-saving Injection Molding Machine

          The NHTX series servo energy-saving injection molding machine is equipped with a high-performance servo motor power control system. The output power of the servo motor changes with the load, and there is no loss of excess energy. The motor reduces the speed during the pressure holding stage, and the energy consumption is extremely low. The motor is cooled down. It does not work, the energy consumption is zero, and the injection accuracy is improved while greatly saving electricity, water and noise. Truly realized a new revolution in hydraulic injection molding machine.

          Injection unit:

          ● The injection parts adopt double-cylinder balance design, which has higher injection pressure and simple and stable structure. The design space is shorter. The failure rate is low.

          ● The injection cylinder adopts the left and right double cylinder design, the injection unit runs more smoothly, and can effectively prevent the injection nozzle from leaking due to machine vibration when the machine is running at high speed.

          ● The injection cylinder is sealed with low friction to improve the injection response rate and provide injection stability under complex processes.

          The screw is made of high-quality nitrided steel, which has been specially treated to achieve wear resistance. The screw design is suitable for a variety of plastic materials.

          Clamping unit:

          ● After finite element analysis, the template design adopts the casting structure of the bracket body, which greatly improves the rigidity of the template.

          ● The rigidity of the connecting rod structure is strengthened to ensure the consistency of the connecting rod processing size. The concentricity of the pin shaft is greatly improved, effectively extending the service life of the pin shaft.

          ● The use of computer modules to optimize the design of the double toggle five-point clamping mechanism can effectively reduce the amount of stress and deformation, and improve the rigidity and accuracy of the clamping unit.

          ● Adopt gear mold adjustment structure with high repeat accuracy and high mold adjustment force

          Control System:

          ● Low energy consumption: The output power of the servo hydraulic press changes with the load, and there is no waste of excess energy. Compared with traditional injection molding machines, it can save 20%-80% of the electricity, and the economic benefits are significant.

          ● Fast response: The response time of the servo hydraulic machine can reach 0.05s (0~maximum output), which is significantly faster than the traditional hydraulic power control system, which effectively shortens the cycle and improves production efficiency.

          ● High precision: The repeatability of the servo hydraulic system can reach 3‰, which is higher than the traditional hydraulic power control system, which effectively guarantees the stability of the product and reduces the rate of defective products.

          ● Low noise: The hydraulic control structure is designed reasonably, the integration is high, and the unique noise reduction treatment makes the machine run smoothly and quietly, making the working environment more comfortable.

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