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          Two Board Machine

          Two Board Machine

          ● High-rigidity box-type template design, good parallelism, large spacing between guide posts, large modulus, and large mold opening stroke.

          ● The mold opening and closing adopts high-response servo valve control technology, and the mold-opening repeatability reaches ± 0.1 mm.

          ● The rapid mold-moving cylinder with diagonally balanced force distribution can open and close the mold faster and effectively shorten the dry cycle.

          ● The synchronous brake mechanism cooperates with four high-pressure oil cylinders, and the time for establishing the clamping force is short.

          ● The compact two-plate clamping structure design saves up to 20% of floor space.

          ● Modular design allows each clamping unit to be matched with multiple injection units to meet the requirements of forming different products.

          ● Double-cylinder parallel injection, double-proportional closed-loop control technology for injection, full closed-loop control of injection and holding pressure (pressure, speed), numerical control proportional back pressure, stable injection end point, ensuring product weight repeatability ≤ 3 ‰.

          ● The drive system and the injection unit are matched according to the modularity, so that the power of the whole machine can be customized on demand and the loss is minimized.

          ● It is equipped with the functions of simultaneous mold opening, glue melting, ejection and core pulling, which shortens the molding cycle.

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